Laitans Metal structures - Welding works and manufacturing of various iron products on a by-order basis.

The main direction is the production of construction metal structures, fences, railings, stairs, platforms, hangars of all types, any non-standard structures.

We carry out a complete cycle of production of structures, from prefabrication to delivery to the client. We also provide separate processing services for profile and sheet material:



J.L.T. is able to accurately manufacture complex metal structures – railings, flights of stairs – according to our drawing. We trust the quality of the product and export it without any worry. Our activities are related to the production and export of metal products to Denmark, Finland, Sweden. We order the company J.L.T to manufacture individual metal parts and structures. We have been cooperating for two years, and this is a good indicator because we set requirements for our cooperation partner to ensure high quality. It is very important to us that the quality of the production manufactured by the company J.L.T meets the same high standards as the products we manufacture. J.L.T. is one of the few companies that can provide such quality. We haven't had any problems with the production terms either. The cost of services of the company J.L.T. corresponds to the quality. I allow the possibility that if you choose a cooperation partner who offers a cheaper price, the quality would also be lower. We are not ready to take risks. Therefore, we do not trust other companies to manufacture metal products. It is not so easy to find a cooperation partner like J.L.T in the Latvian market. We will definitely cooperate in the future!
Sandris Dimants
The member of the board of SIA “RAMDA C”
We use the metal parts manufactured by the company J.L.T. for the metal structures which we export to Scandinavia. J.L.T. is able to ensure high quality which corresponds to the requirements of the Scandinavian market. The company “Belmast” manufactures metal structures that are the export products. We order the company J.L.T to manufacture metal parts for the manufacturing of stairs according to our drawings – railings, different types of gratings, etc. We are satisfied with the quality of work. Orders are fulfilled accurately and quickly. A significant advantage is that J.L.T. has undertaken to manufacture complex metal products, for example, the products with specific connections, and does it in a qualitative manner. From our experience, many companies do not undertake such activities. Prices are also good, corresponding to average market prices. J.L.T. is able to provide the high quality products at an affordable price. We recommend this company as a reliable cooperation partner.
Pāvels Božkovs
The executive director of SIA “Belmast”
J.L.T. provides us with the three most important aspects – fast production (it never misses deadlines), high quality of metal products and competitive price. It must be admitted that it is not so easy to find such a cooperation partner in the Latvian market. We have already been cooperating with J.L.T. for four years. We have been ordering the manufacture of metal elements for the reinforced concrete structures we produce. SIA DAUGAVPILS DZELZSBETONS exports most of its production to Scandinavia and sells part of its production in Latvia. It was very important for us to find a cooperation partner who could provide the same quality as we provide for our own products. J.L.T. provides it. We especially appreciate the responsive attitude. If we as a customer urgently need to produce metal products, J.L.T. does it by maintaining the high quality as well as not increasing the price we have agreed upon in the contract. We order the company J.L.T also to perform welding works. They are also performed with high quality and on time. Thank you for your loyal and welcoming cooperation!
Jurijs Vovks
The production director of SIA DAUGAVPILS DZELZSBETONS
The company J.L.T. acts in the best interests of the customers, for example, by recommending the solutions that help reduce the cost price of metal products. It is beneficial for us to cooperate with such a partner. We order the company J.L.T to manufacture metal structures for the Latvian Armed Forces. Together with the representative of the company, we develop drawings, according to which our orders are made. It is done on time and with the quality we expect. The prices are also acceptable. There are not many companies in Latvia which undertake the production of such specific metal products and are able to provide high-quality performance, without delaying the deadlines. J.L.T. can do it. They can be relied upon.
Vadims Šeršņevs
The member of the board of SIA “FORSTON”




SIA “J.L.T.”
Valkas iela 2, Daugavpils, LV-5417

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framework of the ERDF Project No. “Regional Business Incubators and Creative Industries Incubator”.

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